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Let Me Break This Akward Silence

11 May
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I'd like to read a story
in the newspaper
that ends with

"but she was
just having
a bad dream,"

"really she's okay."

my name is matt. im a vegan. im sXe. i would longboard 24/7 if i could. i have dreadlocks. i have the worst luck with relationships (but maybe not anymore, eh?). i am a senior at sphs. i am made of pure awesome. i am an atheist. i need my music or i will kill. i have real ultimate power. im a good friend. i play trumpet. i hate chemistry. i like jazz. i am in several bands. i appreciate true talent. i may act a bit emo if you really know me. i probably have a few things wrong in my head. i dont like to sleep. i like to read. you can recognize me from my dreadlocks and my ipod headphones. im depressed too much.i like the simpsons. i like reading really in depth science books that take me a long time to comprehend. i like reading quotes. i like dnd. i am a fan of string theory. i like to listen to people talk. i love books. im a star wars geek. i wish i was a hippy. video games are pretty fun. i usually think too much. i want to be the first person ever to do something, it doesn't matter what. i know how to handle a zombie outbreak. using an ak47 i can hit an orange from 50 yards away. i am going to be a rock star someday. i have a color changing bead thing in my dreads. i also have a wooden bead in my hair. i have a see through green guitar. i like sandals better than shoes. i like watching the news. depressing music makes me happy. i like mind fucks a lot. my room has bright green walls and lots of posters. i think you should IM me at amongtheomegas

Days until Bush leaves office.

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Led Zeppelin is love for legendary music
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Bright Eyes is love
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HIM is Buried Alive By Love
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Blue Oyster Cult is Burnin' for You
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