I'm proud of myself, I just made myself an awesome lunch. a Vegan turkey and sprout wrap with some hommus. Although now I need to find something else.

What to do what to do...

I'm kind of bummed about marching band from 3-6 after school. Oh well.
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So today was the first day of school. My Strongbad messenger bag got a few compliments. Overall though, I realized that most of the people from school who I wanted to see this summer, I saw. There are just so many people who I would rather not see at all. Not that I hate them, I just don't enjoy being in their company at all. Most of these people just seem, empty, like they live from trend to trend and are always worried about what their other trendy friends will think of them. Whatever though, it shouldn't bother me, so I'm not going to let it.

I was pretty pumped to find out I got one of the big lockers in the FL wing (The seniors are put into a lottery for the good lockers) so I'm actually going to use my locker this year. I like all of my classes, they just don't have cool people in most of them. Physics is going to be awesome though. Mr. Newall is already going to be a blast I can tell, and I really like physics, and I have some cool people in there too. The only thing I don't liek are my hollow days. Every Red B, D, and E day I have two study halls in a row, right in the middle of the day. That would suck, but fortunately dave has a study hall the same time, so those days we can take lunch breaks with any other cool people who have the same study halls. Thats only for the first half of the year though, the second half I have Piano 2 with HOSIC so that will be pretty sweet.

After school we all went to Staples where I bought the Space Pen (note the caps). It's basically the best pen ever.

Then we went to fort williams and decided that henry jon tom and I are buying ninja outfits. We are then going to have an awesome ninja movie, and sometime we will all wear our ninja suits to school. Possibly even have a Ninja themed skit in the talent show! It was all inspired by oru awesome games of shogun showdown. We played near the forst by the rocks, so there are all these paths and places to hide. Once time I was waiting for someone and I jumped out and almost ran into this girl who I scared the crap out of because I appeared out of the bushes and I was yelling. It was fun though. Then once I was in hiding on a cliff waiting for henry, I was only being held up by a root I grabbed onto. He rounded the bend in the path and I jumped but Ilost my footing so he had time to attack and kill me, then I had to fall down the rest of the hill. I also discovered that with my logn hair, and my green shirt, I blend in with the bushes perfectly. Well the bushes out in the sun, the shady bushes not so much. But it was a great time.

Now I'm going to go listen to some music and maybe do my physics homework.
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So I bought some more school things. A Hoodie Sweatshirt that says "VEGAN" and some pins. they are sweet.

And summer is officially over. I took one last summer longboard cruise around town, and it smelled like school. I can't really explain it, but it did. I have to go to school early tomorrow to meet with my guidance counselor about changign some classes. If at all possible, I would like to take Chamber Singers (I auditioned and made it, just couldnt fit in in my schedule) Or possibly Maine Studies. This is Mr. Brogan and Mr. Chapins last year. It's fitting that they are leavign at the same time. I will be the last class that Mr Chapin ever ushers onto the field on june 11th. Those of you non SPHS folks don't get it, you just have to see Chapin, his gestures and motions are truly one of a kind. Those two are going to be missed a lot.

Seeing as I'm not tired, whenever my mom makes me go to bed I'm watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
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*&*Bands Yes or No*&*

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.x.Yes or No.x.
Linkin Parknot so much anymore
Simple Planno
Good Charlotteno
A Perfect Circleyes
Limp Bizkitused to
Dark Lotusno
The Usedyes
12 Stonesno
Alien Ant Farmno
Blink 182yes
Bon Jovino
Bowling for soupno
Dashboard Confessionalyes
Dave Matthews Bandyes
Disturbedused to
Godsmacknot really
Evanesencea little bit
Eve 6yes, but i used to listen to eve 6 CONSTANTLY
Fall out boyyes
Finger Elevenno
Guns and Rosesno
Ill Ninono
Iron Maidennot anymore
Jack off Jillno
Jurassic 5no
Lost Prophetsno
Marylin Mansonyeah sometimes
Matchbox 20not since i was little
Maroon 5no
Minor Threatunfortunately no
Nicklebacknot really
Puddle of Muddno
No Doubtno
Ozzy Osbourneno
Pearl Jamno
Pink Floydfuck yes
Powerman 5000no
Red Hot Chili Peppersyes
Rage against the MachineYES YES YES
Rise Againstjust that one song
Rob Zombieno
The White Stripesyes
The Hivesno
The Vinesno
Smile Empty Soula few times
Sneaker Pimpsno
Something Corporateyes
Stone Sourno
Sound Gardenno
Story of the Yearnot anymore. i miss story of the year now...
Sugar Cultno
System of a DownYES
The Darknessoh yeah
The Offspringof course
Three Days Gracei don't remember who these guys are...
3 Doors Downnot anymore
Unwritten Lawno
Vertical Horizonhells yes
Yellow Cardno
Third Eye Blindfo sho
The Living Endno
Smashing Pumpkinsyeah yeah yeah yeah
Smash Mouthwhen i was little and in california
Black Sabbathyes
Social Distortionno
Harvey Dangeronly flagpole sitta

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Everyoen needs to go and find the music video "Sleep Now In The Fire" by Rage Against the Machine. It is amazing... And I guess it was actually directed by Michael Moore. I'm not always a fan of him just because of the way he portrays his information. I'm not saying he's incorrect, I'm just saying sometimes he just seems liek he could put it in a slightyly better way. I still think he is awesome though. A little interesting thing about the music video is that after they filmed it, RATM was arrested. Could it be that they were mocking the economic powerhouse called the United States by filming such a great music video in front of the New York Stock Exchange? YEAH RIGHT!

Now back to cleaning my room. It actually looks halfway decent now.
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School Shopping

So seeing as school starts tuesday, and monday all stores are closed for labor day, I decided to start and finish my school shopping today. All of it was done in about 30 minutes. "But Matt, how could you shop that fast?" Well, my mom is away camping, so it was only my dad and I. I ended up not buy any shorts because I really have plenty, and the only ones they seemed to have were crappy "faded jeans" that looked 10 years old. I want new jeans to look new... And now for the extensive list of my shool shopping for my 2006 Senior Year:

1 George Romero's Day of the Dead t-shirt (olive green)
1 Taking Back Sunday t-shirt (bright green, about the color of my walls)
4 1" Binders. I don't really know if I will need 1" at all, but I went with it.
10 Mechanical "grip" pencils
16 dividers

and the best item on the list...

1 Strongbad Official Messenger Bag!!!

I successfully resisted my moms attempts to make me get new shoes. My dad tried today but I convinced him that the shoe stores at the mall wouldn't have anything that I would like and if they did, I doubt they would have it in my size. I take a size 14 now which they may have had, but still, I didn't want any new shoes.

And I also picked up Less Than Jakes "Borders and Boundaries" and Primus' "Tales From The Punchbowl" at Bull Moose Warehouse. I've been listening to a bit of LTJ lately, and they kick some major ass. And Primus will always rule.

And we might be having an impromptu party over at Dave's tonight, which would be awesoem if it were half as cool as the last impromptu party at Dave's. Either way I'll get to han gout with the guys at some point which will be a good break from the monotony of the final moments of summer. I sitll haven't gotten to hang out with Emily or Claire at all since they've been back from camp which sucks, but now that summer is basically over, everyone won't be hectic as much anymore.
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I was just woken up from my nap rather abruptly. I was having a very peaceful nap, when my dog decided he wanted to take a nap on the same couch I was on. So he leaps up onto my chest which made me jump out of my deep sleep. And now my chest hurts.

But it was still a much needed nap since I was up til about 2:30 last night and my dad woke me up before he left this morning to tell me what I already knew. That he was going to go camping with my mother and brother. Oh well.
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